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Everything you need to create and edit tactile graphics

The inTACT Drawing Bundle includes everything blind or low vision users need to independently create their own tactile graphics. With the inTACT Sketchpad, freehand tactile drawing has never been easier. The inTACT Eraser makes it possible to erase and revise tactile lines by flattening them to the touch.

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inTACT Sketchpad and Eraser for Tactile Graphics

Learn to draw. Draw to learn.

From an early age, sighted kids are coloring; from scribbles to shapes to sine waves, students learn and grow through drawing at every stage of their education. Now, with inTACT products, blind or low-vision children can learn and grow by interacting with tactile drawing in the same way. A blind kid doodling on an inTACT Sketchpad today is a student who’s ready for tomorrow.

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” I am convinced that the inTACT line of graphics products is just the beginning of tactile graphics tools.”

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Al Maneki

Senior STEM Advisor, Jernigan Institute, National Federation of the Blind

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.

As engineers, we understand the importance of being able to communicate graphically – to create and understand drawings, diagrams or figures. This skill is particularly important for success in STEM fields. To build this skill set, students need to have access to interactive curricula – content that not only reinforces their learning, but also allows them to practice and use graphical communication.

Access to STEM. Access to Opportunity.

intact and pearson publishing working together

EASY is working with Pearson, the largest educational publisher in the world, to make accessible graphics workbooks for Blind and Low Vision students. Starting with elementary mathematics, we will work together to bring unprecedented access to interactive learning materials for blind students. We hope that this partnership will revolutionize learning opportunities for these students, and make access to STEM learning easier than ever before. More information coming soon.


“If we get these tools into the hands of blind kids and we let them use their own creativity to dream, to imagine, to conceptualize the world…they’re going to be, to some extent, years ahead of where blind scientists and engineers are today.”

Mark Riccobono

President , National Federation of the Blind

“After all, as blind people, we learn by touching, and the inTACT Sketchpad give us that perfect opportunity.” Joann Becker

Assistive Technology Trainer , Perkins School for the Blind

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