inTACT Activity Sets


Each inTACT Activity Set is a collection of super-fun tactile drawing activities for kids of all ages and experience levels.  There are 3 separate sets, each includes 2 copies of each of 7 worksheets that you complete using the inTACT Sketchpad.

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Product Description

Everyone learns to draw the same way – through experience.  These activities make the experience of learning to draw rewarding and fun for blind and visually impaired kids of all ages and skill levels.

We’ve distilled what we’ve been learning while working with TVIs and students at some of the leading schools for the blind into this first-of-its-kind collection. Each set of these BANA-compliant activities has been thoughtfully curated to help people at every level of experience master tactile drawing skills.

They’re fun and rewarding!


Step-by-step exercise sheets used in the Sketchpad will have kids drawing shapes and making their own simple pictures in no time.  7 unique exercises, 2 copies of each, 14 total sheets

  • Lines
  • Curves
  • Circles
  • Triangles
  • Stick Figures
  • Faces
  • Houses


Watch your child’s face come alive as s/he draws pictures by tracing, connecting, completing and free-hand drawing. 7 unique exercises, 2 copies of each, 14 total sheets

  • Snow Men/Women
  • Christmas Trees
  • Menorahs
  • Snow Flakes
  • Sleighs
  • Stick Figures
  • Houses


These fun and engaging activities hone fine motor skills and inspire confidence for kids who are ready to challenge themselves. 7 unique exercises, 2 copies of each, 14 total sheets

  • Cars/Trucks
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Connect the Dots
  • Mazes (2 unique)
  • Coloring (2 unique)
    1. Faces
    2. Houses

 What’s Included?

Each Activity Set includes 2 copies of each of 7 unique exercises on tactile drawing sheets that are completed using the inTACT Sketchpad.


**Sketchpad sold separately**



Additional Information

Skill level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All Three